Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Journey Part 1

Wil woke to the sound of water dripping. How long he had laid there, he wasn't sure. hours? days? It was hard to tell. The time disappeared like a small stream flowing into the ocean. Swallowed up never to be seen again.

He gathered his few meager possessions and stood. Forest went on for seeming leagues, disappearing into the distance.


A single sun ray cut through the clouds. Would the rain finally abate? He did not know how long it had been raining. Almost as long as he could remember. Before the rain was darkness. Nothing. An emptiness that cut to the core.

Wil pulled the great coat about him, shouldered his haversack with his meager provisions and took his sword. He carefully picked his path through the underbrush, not even a game trail to follow here.

The trail was difficult, changing from fern covered loam to rocks and broken limbs. It looked as if a great storm had passed through. Wil came to a bare slope and he knew that for whatever reason he had to make it to the other side of the rise. Looking up he could not see the top. Swirling, dark clouds obscured the pass. He climbed and climbed but didn't seem to get any closer to the pass and hopefully rest.

Breathing so ragged now. So hard to catch breath as the fight continued. Could he continue or would it be easier to give up? It was so hard. If only he had someone to share the journey with. Someone to lean on in his hour of need.

Wil sat for a moment. It felt like a great weight was on his chest. He gasped for breathe in the rarified air. Looking again he could just make out the saddle. He wondered what lay beyond? More mountains? Further struggling? He was so tired but had to go on. Not even knowing why.