Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Her Smile

Reaching my hand across the table I look at Her and smile.
She says "what?" as I cock my head slightly to the side.
I grin and mouth the words "only admiring Your beauty."
She squeezes my hand and drops Her gaze.
I'm not sure if She knows what to say.
Her thumb traces circles on the back of my hand.
I ask Her what she would like to eat.
She tells me it is my choice tonight.
I love the way Her hair falls in waves down Her neck and back.
She tells me about some of the dishes She has had here.
I cannot stop looking at her eyes.
She is dark and mysterious as the forest glen.
I long for Her embrace.
She raises Her eyes to mine again and smiles.

Monday, August 29, 2011

What I love of You

Trailing a finger across her collarbone, I catch her eye
We look
Smiles cross lips
The curve of her hip
her breasts pressed against me
full... firm...
Showing love
Fingers trailing over skin
And she moves
She moves so smoothly
knowing how, when and where to touch
always moving
gently moving
wanting and needing
Her hair framing her face
like fire
hanging down
lightly tickling my face.... my chest
She smiles
Her eyes so beautiful
Looking down at me
Wanting... Showing...
Giving herself


I could barely see the enemy in front of me through the smoke and cannon fire. my friend Jamie dropped in the first barrage. I was wounded lightly by a stray ball as it grazed my arm. the acrid stench of battle was almost overpowering. the dead and dying moaned on the field almost sounding as banshees claiming the souls of the departing.

the call to charge was given and I led my men. over the uneven terrain we ran. approaching the English line. and then I heard the roar and men dropped around me and I felt a searing pain in my side.

targe out and sword raised I attacked the line and just barely caught the motion to my right. a bayonet? I dropped my elbow down quickly sending the bayonet lower only to have it pierce my side. I reeled and fell. all I could do was survey the scene after I fell. it all moved so slowly. the English ranks were unwavering. and my friends perished to shot and bayonet.

quiet. well quiet in comparison to the battle. I lay and listened wondering how many had died. hearing the occasional moan or scream.

he stood above me with musket in hand. I saw the bayonet poised above me and then it fell. I could feel it pierce my breast and then all began to fade. life's blood spilling upon the ground and a blackness until I again saw a light.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Her hands

her hands

I walked alone.
the sand Soft and warm to my feet.
wanting a place to call home
as I made an existence upon the street

a tear rolled down my cheek
as I strolled that sandy beach
shaking head I could not speak
the words that I would say to him

I stopped my sojourn on the sand
to think so long and hard
and then on my shoulder I felt a hand
soft touch, a remembered experience

I turned a thing unreal
I had walked alone I thought
and yet saw something so real
that I could not deny

along the shore two sets of tracks
mine and some so close to surf
had I fallen thru the cracks?
or did someone watch over me?

and then I felt a mother's love
I knew I needn't walk alone
yet still I would just need a shove
to take that hand held out to me

I knew some day that hand I'd take
to travel home, to comfort at last
she touched my heart for my sake
not hers, just as a mother would

and so still walk along the sand
feeling her presence in my life
and waiting for her to take my hand
when darkness settles as I lay my head