Sunday, April 8, 2012


A poem for Ostara

Hearth and home, field and glade
Seeing nature, How was it made?
Does it matter? Mountains raped
Taking whatever, no way to escape
bees dead, and at what cost?
what is it really that we have lost?
May we return to primal days?
Return to Her, to simpler ways?
On this Ostara as days grow long
Let's greet the sun with joyous song
Return to Her, care for the earth
Take care of Her who gave us birth
Living in harmony is the way
and listen to Her throughout each day

Sunday, April 1, 2012


And so I write this billet-doux
to boldly declare my love for you
to give to you a bit to read
to tell you that it's you I need
and your love I will always feed
with my devotion tried and true
living my whole life with you

Hotflash hottie

I wrote this poem for a friend who was complaining

Some would say she was so cranky
Others said she was off hanky panky
She got so got hot she thought she'd combust
Some parts unused she said they'd rust
Now only chocolate will work
A big piece of cake would make her smirk
And then there were her ample thighs
Won't get smaller even though she tries
She looks in the mirror and hates her belly
She grabs two handfuls, it shakes like jelly
And then she gawked at her boobs
They looked like big long pendulous tubes
But I don't care, I don't get snotty
Because I still love my hotflash hottie