Friday, October 30, 2009

Love knows no bounds.
How many things I would do for you.
Every day, every moment,
thinking about the one I love.
Looking at you from afar and smiling.


I dream about you all the time. You're still with me in my dreams. To me its only you and me.
Hanging head in sadness. Looking at your photograph.
I want to hold you in my arms.
Keep you forever there.
tears fade but memories do not.
Hoping with all my living breath to have you again.
always hoping.
Rain falls. I listen to it patter. thinking it sounds like tears falling on the ground.
Moments. Captured moments. A few small looks. A kiss given on the run.
Not enough. Want more.
How to?
When can Romeo be with his Juliet? Not in death. That brings darkness.
Looking to the light as a ray shines though the grey clouds.
hoping to see a glimpse of a ray. Just one?
Rain still falls.


Her skin, soft as down. Hands on my shoulders.
Her eyes dark as night. Look into mine and take me away.
Her smile, so infectious. Inviting me to smile back and more.
Her laugh, so bright. Makes me smile and captivates me.

I think of her at night, at dawn and when we are apart. Think of her and smile.


A smile so loving. A furtive look that I catch.
I smile back and my look shows my love.
How can a love like this grow?
A love that is so deep?
I touch her hand, her arm, her shoulder.
Then draw her to me and kiss her like I have never kissed another.


Tears lost in time like a broken vase.
Giving up love to save a spark.
Feeling the loss and hiding another tear.

Does love require sacrifice?
At times yes, in ultimate sacrifices.
Sometimes the only way to survive.
Missing you
Looking at couples on the dance floor.
Remembering holding you in my arms.

How can a heart be filled again?
There is no way without the one I love.

Missing you. Caring about nothing else.
Wanting to say so many things.


Silent nights. Staring out the window and
knowing no one will be walking in the door.

Thoughts. Happy memories. Lost in time and
wondering how to get them back

Sitting alone, head bowed, thinking and
hoping the door will open again.

No one could ever love you the way I do.


Glancing across room
See my Love, the one I need
Waiting for her hand.

New life together,
Spring brings new flowers and love,
life will now unfold.
My hand on hers. Sitting quietly. So many things unsaid.
I look into her yes. What do I see? Could it really be dead?

She looks away. Yes, the other is calling her again. To go.
I try and hold her. But have no control. Could it be so?

She gets up and says it will only be a while. Maybe Ten.
The hours pass. No ten, no twenty. What should I do then?

Sparks go out. Snuffed out in time. There is darkness inside.
I walk down the street. Alone. Feeling numb inside.

The Broken heart

How can a person know what it is like to have a broken heart if they have not had one?

Looking across the room I saw her sitting there with him. How had it come to this? I wasn't quite sure. But here I was watching them.

Sadness. How long would it take to heal? Could I ever truly heal?

He says something to her and she laughs. Little looks at each other. His hand on hers.

Music playing softly. I remember dancing. Eyes wet when I think about what is lost.

Why do I do this to myself? I get up and walk out the front door knowing I will simply come back again and again. Such is love. Putting oneself thru hell because one loves someone so much.

Poetry and Prose from Life

As I think about things or have conundrums in my life, I write poetry and prose. This blog will be for that purpose.