Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Earthmas!

My friend Monica came up with this. And I love it. How many of us celebrate and care for the earth? I know I don't do near enough. What if we all recycled at every chance we could? What if we avoided fast food and the tons of containers that get thrown out? What if we picked up the trash we see when we are walking? What if we used sustainable energy sources? What if we made our carbon footprint as small as possible?

If we did all we could for the planet what would our environment be like?

What if we bought locally? What if we used local banks and credit unions instead of big banks? Could we help turn around the banking fiasco in America? Could we pu big corporations out of business if they were irresponsible?

What if we shared with the poor? What if each year we donated to Heifer international? What if each year we donated to Kiva? Could we raise the bar and help people finds the food they need?

Merry Earthmas!

One lone candle shines its light
Holding back total darkness
One more candle joins that fight
To hold the darkness at bay
What if more supplied their lights?
Would the world be changed
To rid from us that darksome night
where hate and despair reign.
So one and all may we lend our might
For strength in numbers we can be
So let our spirits be set alight
And work together for good of all.

Merry Earthmas and Blessed Be!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Looks of annoyance
Grabbing for the last one
Have they lost the meaning?

Another returned
"You have such a wonderful smile"
Season's Greetings

Do we lose our love?
Anger and impatience
Is it contagious?

Do toys really matter?
What does matter?
Things or individuals?

Radiating this for peace
Giving to those in need
Living what is important?


A friend of mine was abandoned by her family when she was in need...

One in need
Abandoned by family
Are there angels?
Little hope
No one to help
Giving help
Holding out a hand
Lifting up
Are they the angels?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For a friend

A friend of mine is in ICU after trying to commit suicide. She is lesbian. Her words speak volumes "I just wish I was straight My Mum and Dad would love me if I were straight."

I wrote this poem in response

Angel's wings 
carrying her spirit to us
words of love
helping her to cope
can love defeat despair?
Only with enough

what does religion teach?
or love?
what would Yeshua say?
What would he do?

A Goddess sheds a tear
A daughter in so much pain
A hand outstretched
take it?
can she find peace in Her?
can she find acceptance?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Poem for Asherah

A prayer for Asherah

YHWH brings thunder
A quiet voice brings peace

El Shaddai punishes
Shekhinah comforts and forgives

The King turns his back
The Queen of Heaven calls

His priests hate her name
Ever blessed is that name

Goddess of hearth and home
They turn their back to her 

Her daughters lament
Her sons need her touch

She watches from exile
The King is jealous of others

She sends her shalom
YHWH causes lightning to come

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Needle

The needle bringing pain.
Yet art requires the pain of birth.
Devoting oneself to Her.
Accepting the pain as a sacrament.
A living memorial to Her.
Always there.
She moves at the edge of the mind.
Always there.
Like a mother ever watching.
Waiting to see Her again.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Heart Closed
Yet Touched
Will it open?
The Lady calls
Give yourself
Open heart
Touch others
Give freely
Giving heart
Gaining peace
Through sharing
Gaining love
Accepting love
in Her arms
Blessed Be
A love poem

Head on shoulder
A simple touch
A look across the table
Hand on hand
stroking their hair

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Her Eyes

I sat down with my coffee
the cafe was nearly empty
but one sat there nearby
I looked
and saw the pain
there was something
in her eyes
that spoke of pain
worldly cares weighing
all spoken
in her eyes
the set of her lips were
almost as hard as stone
her hair was awry
had she slept?
she seemed so tired
shown through her eyes
she sat quietly
I sat and watched
her cup sat empty
mine sat full
was this like our lives?
her eyes
spoke of an emptiness
spoke of pain
spoke of a need
she looked up
I smiled
I could see the barest
hint of a smile
in her eyes

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A friend
Weighed down in grief
Life's troubles
Overwhelming and weighing down the soul
A hand
Touching a shoulder in support
Gentle touch
Soul touching soul to help
Wiping tears as they flow
A spiritual bond of heart to heart

Monday, October 24, 2011


Not physical yet the wall was there.
Locking me out in the cold.
I watch as you turn and leave.
I lock my heart away.

Friday, October 21, 2011


as I lay there
your face lit by the light of the clock
I felt a distance
the gulf widened by I knew not what
I reached out
touching your arm and needing you
wanting your touch
I look at the ceiling and think
what had changed
life's flow helping us drift apart?
set adrift?
is a gulf widening there really?
a lifeline?
would we take that line if cast?
pull ourselves back
removing the distance that is there
I lie there wondering.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Transcendent Beauty

Transcendent beauty
hair streaming down in rivulets
like gentle waters flowing
walking in the surf
lithe limbs
perfect form
flowing with
yet untroubled by the waves
Her peace helping
as I struggle through life
giving me peace
as the waves of life
crash around me
Blessed Lady
holding out her hand
helping me over
the rocks at the shore

Friday, October 14, 2011

I hide behind a mask
letting no one see the real me
hiding the past
shutting out others
others who might know me as I was

Where will the future take me?
Can I let others in?
Will the pain let me?

life anew and different
wanting and needing
excited for new possibilites
and yet so afraid
Ever wearing the mask.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thin Red Line

Thin red line
Watching it well
Water so warm
Crimson droplets
Hardly making a ripple
Cold yet warm

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For my LGBT friends

That is all that was heard on the end of the line.
And then a dial tone.

friends and family gone.
Cutting me out from their lives.

Pastor said that I was an evil person.
God did not love me.

The sun raised over the hills of hope.

I thought long and hard.
I found that I could love myself again.

People i have met new.
I find friends who accept me.

So much to talk about.
People who accept me as an individual.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An edit of a prior poem

I sat and contemplated how life's flow
would help me to forever grow,
to let emotions out at last
and not let life slip by too fast.
I sit and think and think some more,
do I take the hidden path or the wide door?
Let friends go at times like this
and simply sit and reminisce.
What adventures await me down the road?
I know not, but this is often good.

The spirit'ss quest is often hard,
to find true love for one and all.
If I could but simply love myself,
my spirit could touch all down that road.

Thinking on life

A man sat thinking on his life
where interactions with strife were rife.
And then he thought of years ago
when a mother's touch would stop tear flow.
he thought how this could help today?
A woman's touch could help him stay?
in touch with his own spirit true
a lesson to learn for me and you.
and so he looks into his soul
for the divine feminine to have and hold.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A poem for a friend who was thinking outloud

I sat and contemplated how life's flow
would help me to forever grow,
to let emotions out at last
and not let life slip by too fast.
I sit and think and think some more,
do I take the hidden path or the wide door?
Let friends go at times like this
and simply sit and reminisce.
What adventures await me down the road?
I know not, but this is often good.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I sat and contemplated how life's flow
would help me to forever grow,
to let emotions out at last
and not let life slip by too fast.
I sit and think and think some more,
do I take the hidden path or the wide door?
Let friends go at times like this
and simply sit and reminisce.
What adventures await me down the road?
I know not, but this is often good.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In remembrance of 9/11

Her Tears

Fallen towers lying low
as cries of revenge fill the air
tears soak the ground
heads hang in anguish
as the Mother watches, caring.

Just as a mother lets her children grow
She watches over, caring
a decade passed, what have we learned?
Blood and violence sharing?
Her children war, there is little peace

She whispers softly, "let it go"
to those who would but listen.
Will we mature? Will we know peace?
can we move past the violence?
The Mother's tears keep falling.

The Call

Soft and quiet is the call.
The Lady's whispered calling,
the Queen of Heaven beckons all;
to peace and prosperity calling.

If i can but that soft voice heed,
She offers what I am needing
and pushes me along my way.
To help, to love, while going.

And so I live out my life's days,
giving and not yet keeping.
Waiting again to to take Her hand
till night falls ever sleeping.

Friday, September 9, 2011

hand to heart

hands to heart

pain wracked. moving on. 
searing. never ending. 

I close my eyes and push on. 
seeing your face and asking

for some release from this anon,
and then the pain was fading. 

a mother's gentle touch and it was gone
and replaced by a love unfading. 

a hand held over heart so pained
a smile so soft, health regained. 

the touch of the Lady, so dear,
making life so abundantly clear

accepting Her into my life. 
holding. accepting. abandoning greiff. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Her Smile

Reaching my hand across the table I look at Her and smile.
She says "what?" as I cock my head slightly to the side.
I grin and mouth the words "only admiring Your beauty."
She squeezes my hand and drops Her gaze.
I'm not sure if She knows what to say.
Her thumb traces circles on the back of my hand.
I ask Her what she would like to eat.
She tells me it is my choice tonight.
I love the way Her hair falls in waves down Her neck and back.
She tells me about some of the dishes She has had here.
I cannot stop looking at her eyes.
She is dark and mysterious as the forest glen.
I long for Her embrace.
She raises Her eyes to mine again and smiles.

Monday, August 29, 2011

What I love of You

Trailing a finger across her collarbone, I catch her eye
We look
Smiles cross lips
The curve of her hip
her breasts pressed against me
full... firm...
Showing love
Fingers trailing over skin
And she moves
She moves so smoothly
knowing how, when and where to touch
always moving
gently moving
wanting and needing
Her hair framing her face
like fire
hanging down
lightly tickling my face.... my chest
She smiles
Her eyes so beautiful
Looking down at me
Wanting... Showing...
Giving herself


I could barely see the enemy in front of me through the smoke and cannon fire. my friend Jamie dropped in the first barrage. I was wounded lightly by a stray ball as it grazed my arm. the acrid stench of battle was almost overpowering. the dead and dying moaned on the field almost sounding as banshees claiming the souls of the departing.

the call to charge was given and I led my men. over the uneven terrain we ran. approaching the English line. and then I heard the roar and men dropped around me and I felt a searing pain in my side.

targe out and sword raised I attacked the line and just barely caught the motion to my right. a bayonet? I dropped my elbow down quickly sending the bayonet lower only to have it pierce my side. I reeled and fell. all I could do was survey the scene after I fell. it all moved so slowly. the English ranks were unwavering. and my friends perished to shot and bayonet.

quiet. well quiet in comparison to the battle. I lay and listened wondering how many had died. hearing the occasional moan or scream.

he stood above me with musket in hand. I saw the bayonet poised above me and then it fell. I could feel it pierce my breast and then all began to fade. life's blood spilling upon the ground and a blackness until I again saw a light.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Her hands

her hands

I walked alone.
the sand Soft and warm to my feet.
wanting a place to call home
as I made an existence upon the street

a tear rolled down my cheek
as I strolled that sandy beach
shaking head I could not speak
the words that I would say to him

I stopped my sojourn on the sand
to think so long and hard
and then on my shoulder I felt a hand
soft touch, a remembered experience

I turned a thing unreal
I had walked alone I thought
and yet saw something so real
that I could not deny

along the shore two sets of tracks
mine and some so close to surf
had I fallen thru the cracks?
or did someone watch over me?

and then I felt a mother's love
I knew I needn't walk alone
yet still I would just need a shove
to take that hand held out to me

I knew some day that hand I'd take
to travel home, to comfort at last
she touched my heart for my sake
not hers, just as a mother would

and so still walk along the sand
feeling her presence in my life
and waiting for her to take my hand
when darkness settles as I lay my head

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sitting. Feeling the emptiness inside.
How many hours sitting by the phone?
Waiting for someone to call.
How many times checking email?
Only to find an empty box.

Is life worth living without friends?
How can one survive without love?

Hugging knees. Wracked with pain.
Is it possible to survive one more night?
Waiting for someone to call.
How long can I wait?
Sitting. Living with the emptiness.

Sunday, July 24, 2011



Good riddance? Some may say so.
Life's dance? Sometimes fraught with demons?

Laying awake? Fighting those demons thru the night.
What's at stake? Would the light going out take them away?

Pushed to the brink? Is the ultimate decision good?
What should one think? to go or not to go?

Ending? The light goes out and all is quiet.
Sending. A soul fades into the eternities.

Monday, July 18, 2011



I saw you there. Sitting. hair blowing in the wind.
How long did the moments last? And then you turned and smiled.
Only a moment? But eternal.
Your smile at me showing how you feel.


Holding a newborn in one's arms.
How long will it last? Eyes closed. Sleeping tenderly.
Can this last more than a moment? Wishing for it never to end.
I smile and want to hold you forever.


Sitting by the fire. Remembering life.
How did it go by so fast? Thinking on almost an eternity of love.
How many more moments do we get? Yes, wishing for it to never end.
I smile and know that I have not wasted my moments dreaming of some future reward.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Her Lips

her lips so soft and expressive moved with his as in a lover's embrace

his body entwined with hers aching for more than this

her tongue danced with his. toying, questing, tasting

his hands holding her tight. touching, feeling, giving

their souls united; bodies as one; giving freely.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Years


Endlessly cascading like the water over a waterfall.


Remembering holding hands, lips touching, a head on shoulder.


Savoring the first bite of a dinner made for two.


Remembering long years spent with the one you love.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Sitting, thinking, remembering

Miles apart yet kept in heart
wishing not to be apart

Voice heard in the deep of night
remembered smile, yet out of sight

Reaching out and yet not there
remembering the smell of tousled hair

Memories, they bring back smiles
shortening the many miles.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gifts of the Goddess

Laying there, she beckons
hair in disarray
body reclined
sensual and beckoning

holding, touching, feeling
What does a kiss say?
what does a touch impart?
giving and loving

Sleep, is it eternal?
bodies spent in pleasure
fingers trailing over skin
Gifts of the Goddess.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For her

So soft
Lips so exciting

Body so inviting
So wondrous


She draws me like a moth to the flame,
her eyes the fire, the light, that beckons me to come.

Dark, alluring, calling.

Her lips are soft. Her hair framing her face.
Then She smiles. The call of the Goddess.

Light, calling, beckoning.

The glow of her face in the moonlight.
inviting me to be with her. For time.

Calling, giving, Dawn.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Light skin, glistening in the moonlight.
Body moving, slow and sensually.

Real life forgotten at least for a moment.
air almost still yet warming... comforting...

Stress fading, becoming but a bad dream.
Wanting new life and so much more.

Fire lighting the night, moon now set.
Laying in the sand, so warm and safe.

Dreams of the Goddess, giving her hand.
taking it and moving on again.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

After seeing a lovely picture of a friend.

Eyes, intense and clear.
Drawing Me deeper.
Face, questioning.
Eyes, drawing me again.
Lips set.
What had they said?
Hands framing
fists clenched.
Why? But the eyes.
Clear, intense, yes the eyes.

Monday, March 21, 2011


The Lord is no shepherd, he ignores my needs.
He maketh me to lie down in foul waters:
He provides no still waters.
He plagues my soul:
He commands I be righteous for His name' sake.

Yea, though I walk thru the valley of shadow and death,
I fear for he is not with me.
He leaves me and prepares a table for my enemies.
He annoints my head with my own blood; my cup is empty.

Surely travail shall follow me all the days of my life
for you shut the door of your house against me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Healing the hurt

Dreams bringing pain
Strong hands protecting
Wetting a shoulder
Slowly dissipating
Just a name
Protecting always

A tear slowly trails down his cheek
How can a father have caused so much hurt?
He holds her until the sobs cease
Lays her head back on her pillow
Kisses her cheek
Whispers sweet dreams
And silently fades into the night

From hate to love.


She put them down?
Could the words destroy a life?
Can new words lift us up?