Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Earthmas!

My friend Monica came up with this. And I love it. How many of us celebrate and care for the earth? I know I don't do near enough. What if we all recycled at every chance we could? What if we avoided fast food and the tons of containers that get thrown out? What if we picked up the trash we see when we are walking? What if we used sustainable energy sources? What if we made our carbon footprint as small as possible?

If we did all we could for the planet what would our environment be like?

What if we bought locally? What if we used local banks and credit unions instead of big banks? Could we help turn around the banking fiasco in America? Could we pu big corporations out of business if they were irresponsible?

What if we shared with the poor? What if each year we donated to Heifer international? What if each year we donated to Kiva? Could we raise the bar and help people finds the food they need?

Merry Earthmas!

One lone candle shines its light
Holding back total darkness
One more candle joins that fight
To hold the darkness at bay
What if more supplied their lights?
Would the world be changed
To rid from us that darksome night
where hate and despair reign.
So one and all may we lend our might
For strength in numbers we can be
So let our spirits be set alight
And work together for good of all.

Merry Earthmas and Blessed Be!

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