Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For a friend

A friend of mine is in ICU after trying to commit suicide. She is lesbian. Her words speak volumes "I just wish I was straight My Mum and Dad would love me if I were straight."

I wrote this poem in response

Angel's wings 
carrying her spirit to us
words of love
helping her to cope
can love defeat despair?
Only with enough

what does religion teach?
or love?
what would Yeshua say?
What would he do?

A Goddess sheds a tear
A daughter in so much pain
A hand outstretched
take it?
can she find peace in Her?
can she find acceptance?

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  1. This post is in the running for a Brodie award in the category of "Best Poem". Please go here if you'd like to vote (or campaign) for yourself. :D