Sunday, August 7, 2011

Her hands

her hands

I walked alone.
the sand Soft and warm to my feet.
wanting a place to call home
as I made an existence upon the street

a tear rolled down my cheek
as I strolled that sandy beach
shaking head I could not speak
the words that I would say to him

I stopped my sojourn on the sand
to think so long and hard
and then on my shoulder I felt a hand
soft touch, a remembered experience

I turned a thing unreal
I had walked alone I thought
and yet saw something so real
that I could not deny

along the shore two sets of tracks
mine and some so close to surf
had I fallen thru the cracks?
or did someone watch over me?

and then I felt a mother's love
I knew I needn't walk alone
yet still I would just need a shove
to take that hand held out to me

I knew some day that hand I'd take
to travel home, to comfort at last
she touched my heart for my sake
not hers, just as a mother would

and so still walk along the sand
feeling her presence in my life
and waiting for her to take my hand
when darkness settles as I lay my head

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